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Recently injured American racer, Jason Pridmore, is currently in recovery after a nasty high-side crash early on in Race 1 of the 2019 Phillip Island Classic.

With a severe leg fracture and shoulder injury, Jason will be taking some time off to heal.

We have launched a Direct Action Campaign to give back to our industry's leading racing coach in order to bring him back as quickly and as healthy as possible.

Click the button below to view the Limited Edition JP43 Phillip Island Classic Team Shirt design that was used by Jason and his team during the event.

We have to say this setup we have from you is a game changer for HHR this year racing st AFM. Really happy with our investment
These are pretty damn sturdy, and came with some sweet rolling bags for each canopy. The double sided walls are a nice touch too. Easy to setup of course and very easy on the eyes. Thanks FLEX!
Thanks for your support! We love these shirts! So light and comfortable! Your design work was just right!

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