Limited Edition JP43 Phillip Island Classic Team Shirt

Limited Edition JP43 Phillip Island Classic Team Shirt

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100% of Profits Will Go Directly To Jason

Recently injured American racer, Jason Pridmore, is currently in recovery after a nasty high-side crash early on in Race 1 of the 2019 Phillip Island Classic.

With a severe leg fracture and shoulder injury, Jason will be taking some time off to heal.

We have launched a Direct Action Campaign to give back to our industry's leading rider coach to aid in his quick and healthy return.

We are offering supporters this Limited Edition Team Shirt design that JP and his team wore during the event. The only difference is “I Support JP43 (logo)” will be on the left sleeve to remind us of our generous commitment to Jason and his recovery.

100% of profits will go directly to Jason to maximize the potential earnings.

Please note, orders will be taken for the term of his recovery. Shirts will be mass delivered once per month, meaning that from point of purchase it may take up to 31 days maximum to receive.

If you have any questions you can reach out to us here! Thank you! #securethevision